ZANTI: a Sanskrit word meaning calmness of mind, tranquility, bliss.


Share the Love

Together we spread love and goodness for more positive, healthy, happy living. We support one another to share our soul gifts and leave a positive impact on the world. ZANTI makes a difference in the lives of the people engaged, and there is a ripple effect.  It is about sharing and spreading the love, mindfulness, and spiritual education. 

Now, more than ever, is the time to open our hearts and celebrate life together.

Are you ready to embrace your highest truth?


Creating space for self-love

ZANTI classes are built to leave you feeling more blissful fulfilled, empowered, guided, trusting and healthy.  By working together, we cultivate loving ourselves and sharing our soul gifts.  Sessions are designed to stimulate all the senses. We often burn sage, incense or palo santo before class + events for deeper enjoyment and connection.

You can expect a range of fun, unique classes such as: 

  • Vinyasa flow

  • Gentle candlelight yoga

  • Yin yoga

  • Sound healing

  • Breathwork

  • Meditation

You can expect a range of workshops on topics including:

  • Healthy living

  • Mindfulness

  • Love mastery

  • Akashic records

By creating and holding space in a private setting, providing opportunity for incredible teachers and healers to share their talents, gifts, and knowledge, a society of peaceful warriors that uplift each other, play, laugh, accept, breathe, move consciously, and believe in miracles comes into existence. 


Be seen. Be felt. Be heard. Be loved.

With ZANTI Society, you're gaining access to more than just a class or workshop, it's a social community! Expect to participate in events like:

  • Goddess Circle of Love + Light

  • Feminine Divine Full Moon Ritual

  • Sacred Chanting + Live Music

  • Elevate Embody Signature Program

  • High Vibration Sound Bath

  • Transformative Breathwork