Now, more than ever, is the time to open our hearts and love each other deeply. To collectively set intentions of pure happiness, supporting and respecting each other, and living in authenticity.
— Nish Fox


Nish Fox is a woman who believes in igniting passions in life, connecting at a deep level with other conscious beings, and being awake to her surroundings. She feels a deeper purpose to share this genuine soul inspiration with people who are drawn to these concepts and share a fun and zest for life.  She loves to laugh, dance, and sing; and takes a lot of deep breaths.  She can be empowered and vulnerable, bold and reserved, fiery and cool.  She dances and loves freely and encourages other to do the same, breathing in freedom, love, acceptance, and bliss. 

She is a Yogi, Aerospace Business Intelligence & Analytics Director, ZANTI Society Founder, Entrepreneur, Mother of Two, Musician, Sound and Energy Healer, Breathwork Facilitator, Certified Yoga Instructor (Adult and Mini Yogis), Published Author (Women’s Golf Journal (WGJ) and various health and wellness publications), Luxury Yoga Retreat Leader and Organizer, Golfer, Poet, Artist, and much more. Nish assumes many roles, keeping a balanced approach in her life.  She is an inspiration to many people in the community. 

Nish provides wellness experiences in yoga, sound healing, breathwork, devotional chant, energy healing, dance, and spiritual coaching.  She offers private group and individual sessions, and has led and instructed in various sessions, classes, seminars, and special events. Nish has led her sessions and worked with various companies including Tony Robbins Business Mastery Program Platinums and Attendees, Osteostrong Executive Team, House of An Management Team, and at luxury & upscale hotels & resorts including Four Seasons Beverly Hills, Nobu Rayokan Malibu, Korakia Palm Springs, Banyan Tree Mayakoba, and Le Taha’a Resort & Spa in Tahiti. She has worked with entrepreneurs, executives, high profile & high net worth individuals,  and leaders in many industries.  She brings a unique approach to creating a positive and enriching experience for the lives she touches.


Nish founded ZANTI Society in late 2017.  It was formed based on a “Spirit Inspiration” to bring together a conscious community full of fun, love, and holistic health, to provide healing and wellness services and collaborate with other healers and teachers to create magical and uplifting experiences.  It has started out in a beautiful private yoga studio experience in Pacific Palisades with an openness of spreading beyond to locations anywhere in the world.  The mission of ZANTI Society is to raise the vibration and feel the bliss through conscious, healthy, and happy living.  It is also to feel a part of an incredible community sharing in an overarching dedication to support each other in tuning in to intuition, being soul-inspired, and living an overall AMAZING life!  Now, more than ever, is the time to open our hearts and love each other deeply.  To collectively set intentions of pure happiness, supporting and respecting each other, and living a higher truth.

By creating and holding space in various settings, providing opportunity for incredible teachers and healers to share their talents, gifts, and knowledge, a society of peaceful warriors that uplift each other, play, laugh, accept, breathe, move consciously, and believe in miracles comes into existence.  This society emerges and continually changes and grows.  This society is open to possibilities and positive transformation, learning to love more and more unconditionally.

To book Nish Fox for a private individual or group session, event, or festival, please email to inquire.  She offers experiences in yoga, meditation, sound healing, breathwork, energy work, devotional chant or a combination suitable to your request.  Her sessions are a self journey and realization to open and expand into your deepest heart’s desires and attainment of your highest purpose and goals. It’s about waking up the senses to deep connection, trust, self worth, power, sensuality, and love.

 Here are a few examples of what those who have experienced sessions with Nish are saying…

  1. “Dear Nish, My time spent with you was absolutely amazing! When I met you, I was in a dark emotional place and operating from a state of anger and fear. I had lost touch with who I am, the girl God created. I had a long list of requirements that I felt needed to be met in order to be happy. You helped me release all that anger, resentment, and fear. I was able to go deep and forgive myself and those whom I was blaming for my unhappiness. I learned to channel my focus and find my inner goddess. I am filled with gratitude for the time you spent with me. My relationship with my husband is now filled with love and joy. I am a happy wife and mother again. Thank you Nish, you are a gift from God!”

  2. “What an unforgettable experience with Nish! Such a heart grabbing, gentle yet powerful emotional experience. I didn’t want the journey that went on in our session to end. I left feeling complete. Nish is the most uplifting, amazing woman I have ever met. I cannot wait for another session.”

  3. “My session with Nish was an incredible journey of self-reflection. Through very gentle, relaxing, and healing techniques, I was able to let go of stress and tap into a higher consciousness of bliss. Nish will guide your energy to a new level of awareness that will give your body exactly what it needs. I highly recommend sessions with Nish for anyone looking to tap into their heart and soul like never before.”

  4. “Nish has a true gift and one that should definitely be experienced. The sessions my wife and I experienced were the most powerful, intense, high energy meditation experiences of my life. We live in Nashville and are making arrangements to visit Nish again soon. She’s absolutely one-of-a-kind!!!” - Osteostrong CEO

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Nish was born in Mumbai, India and her parents, through much struggle, brought her and her brother Farhan to California when she was 6 months old.  She lived between CA and NY in her childhood, and when she was 13, her brother (age 16) died of a rare brain cancer.  Nish was drawn to participate in a lot of volunteer work helping cancer patients and their families, volunteering with organizations such as Make-A-Wish Foundation, Children’s Hospital, and Hospice, and working with UCLA healthcare at an early age while on a path to go into the field of medicine. 

Her mother, Abida, was an incredibly warm and loving soul, an artist, poet, and chef, who grew up in a palace in India. She was a big influence on Nish, especially in her spirituality and openness to prayer/mantras, meditation, and ceremonial rituals.  Nish’s mom suffered from depression and anxiety and passed away in January 2015.  Her beautiful radiance and gypsy spirit is honored. 

Her father, Saleem, a brilliant and generous man, moved from India to California at age 17, when he was accepted into an undergraduate engineering program at Cal Berkeley. He later achieved his Masters degree in business as well.  He worked very hard and sacrificed for his family to create a life in the United States.  He has had many accomplishments in his life as a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and corporate executive operations leader.  Nish was greatly influenced by his strong decision-making and problem-solving abilities, high intelligence, and zest for life.  She is very grateful for his loving support.



Nish attended Westlake High School where she was accepted into an advanced anatomy program.  She began first year medical school studies including a year-long human cadaver dissection program at that time.  Also, as a freshman in high school, she was offered a spot on the varsity dance team, and performed with intensive dedication to the arts. 

After high school, Nish moved to La Jolla, CA to attend UC San Diego as a pre-medicine student. She took an interest in business and economics in her second year at UCSD and transitioned her major to focus on this new area of interest.  During her time there, she studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain, was an active member of AKPsi, a co-ed business fraternity, worked as a women’s health and wellness resource at the campus health center, and took on many leadership roles and social activities that provided a well-balanced and colorful university experience.  She graduated from UCSD with highest honors in Economics and a minor in Spanish and Dance.  She was also exposed to yoga at this time, and began to take an interest on a physical and spiritual level. 



After attending UCSD, Nish accepted a position at a top five technology and business consulting firm and began an intensive career learning about system implementations and process methodologies.  She also completed a post-graduate professionals program at UCLA in Business and Accounting.  She worked as an Information Technology and Business Consultant with Accenture where she was hired to provide technical services, guidance, and leadership for clients such as The Aerospace Corporation, HP, and Vivendi Universal.  During Nish’s consulting years, she implemented SAP software systems to help companies run more efficiently and effectively. 

One of her clients in the Aerospace & Defense industry, The Aerospace Corporation, offered her a full-time programming position based in Los Angeles, CA.  She accepted, embracing change, and quickly moved into management.  Nish’s leadership, organizational, project management, and technical skills led her to become the Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics at Aerospace.   She manages a team of developers that work on complex BI and analytics projects and help provide more accessibility to data, metrics and insight for the company’s executives and stakeholders to make better informed strategic decisions.  She oversees the data warehousing landscape and manages the output of business dashboards, reports, and other front-end applications.  Her corporate career path has been challenging and rewarding on a technical and management level.  She has been well respected at her company being awarded the Aerospace Woman of the Year Award in 2014 and receiving countless forms of recognition, awards, and appreciation over the years.

Nish is raising two extraordinary children, who on a daily basis prove to be the best mindfulness teachers in her life.