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The Home Experience | Host a private group experience in your own home! Be a leader, hero, and vehicle for change.

The Corporate Experience | Book a “Wake up to Wellness” experience for your team. Energize and re-engage your team!

The Private Experience | Book an individual or small group experience in a private space.

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Breathwork, sound healing, meditation and yoga can be combined in different ways to provide customized sessions to uniquely fit the client’s needs. The session length options are 50 | 80 | 110 minutes.

50 | 80 minutes
Journey into a deeply healing and relaxing meditative sound experience. This unique and powerful proven sound therapy technique reduces stress and anxiety, increases mental and emotional clarity, improves circulation, and promotes happiness and well-being. Let go of what has been holding you back and leave feeling more peaceful, centered and grounded.

50 | 80 | 110 minutes
Be taken on a transformative, life-altering self-journey guided through breathwork, sound healing, and meditation. This is a lying down, guided experience that takes you deep into your heart and soul exploring and manifesting your heart’s deepest desires and your soul purpose. By peeling back layers of limiting beliefs, blocks and negative patterns, you are creating space to allow in abundance, love, and freedom.

50 | 80 | 110 minutes
Choose from a gentle hatha yoga experience to a more energizing vinyasa yoga flow. You will be led through a sequence of strengthening and lengthening postures to music, tuning into the breath and body, ending with meditation and mantra. This is a body, mind, and spirit experience that will bring about an overall feeling of wellness and bliss.

Pricing: $175 to $395

* Book a single session, package, one-on-one private transformational self journey, private group event, public event, festival, or collaboration

Love Awakening Breathwork + Sound Bath with Nish Fox | Four Seasons Beverly Hills