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ZANTI is a vibrant community of big-hearted people who share their gifts with one another. We as a collective are committed to raising the vibration and uplifting each other to new heights. As a part of this community you will receive updates on upcoming public events. Let's make a positive difference! 


In addition to our wonderful public events, we have gatherings in the form of invite-only workshops and private home experiences. Host a private group experience in your own home. Be a leader, hero and vehicle for positive change by collaborating with ZANTI Society Founder, Nish Fox, to co-create!


Those fortunate enough to experience the ELEVATE Embody four-step signature method developed by Nish Fox, Self Transformation Guide and Healer, will be taken on a journey to clear stuck energy, embrace soul purpose, and live into your highest potential with joy, ease, and grace. 


Hear what CLIENTS are saying about NISH & THE ZANTI high vibes

My session with Nish was an incredible journey of self reflection. I was able to let go of stress and tap into a higher consciousness of bliss. Nish will guide your energy to a new level of awareness that will give your body exactly what it needs. I highly recommend sessions with Nish for anyone looking to tap into their heart and soul like never before.
— Karissa, Osteostrong, Tony Robbins Executive Team
Nish has a true gift and one that should definitely be experienced. The sessions my wife and I experienced with her were the most powerful, intense, high energy meditation experiences of my life. We live in Nashville and are making arrangements to visit Nish again soon. She’s absolutely one-of-a-kind!!!
— Kyle Z., Osteostrong CEO, Tony Robbins Executive Team
Thanks Nish. I have to say that was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. It was healing on a cellular level for sure. You are so gifted.
— Heidi, Reiki Master, RN
Thank you so much for an incredible breathwork and sound healing Nish. I have attended many classes and in many cities. Last night at ZANTI was the best I have ever been to!
— Alex
What an unforgettable experience with Nish! Such a heart grabbing, gentle yet powerful emotional experience. I didn’t want the journey that went on in our session to end. I left feeling complete. Nish is the most uplifting, amazing woman I have ever met. I cannot wait for another session.
— Elle
Thank you so much again for the most powerful and magical night last night Nish!! It was absolutely amazing and Lenie and I can’t wait for the next one... Thank you for introducing us to more beautiful souls.
— Serena
It’s such a special and beautiful space! I loved the yoga and sound bath experience. Last night was so special!!! I had so many visions during the sound bath. Last night was one of my favorite events. Amazing! I love you and ZANTI!
— Kim
Dear Nish, My time spent with you was absolutely amazing! When I met you I was in a dark emotional place operating from a state of anger and fear. I had a long list of requirements that I felt I needed to be met in order for me to be happy. You helped me release all that anger, resentment, and fear. I was able to go deep and forgive myself and those I whom I was blaming for my unhappiness. I learned to channel my focus and find my inner goddess. My relationship with my husband is now filled with love and joy. I am a happy wife and mother again. Thanks you Nish. You are a gift from God!
— Anonymous
It is with tears that I say thank you! I am floating today, feeling light on my toes! I was no shape to attend last night, but your words and love got me to attend an unforgettable night. It is such a gift to have your energy so close. The breathing technique you led was transformational. I hope you receive as much love and support as you gave all of us last night.
— Johanna
Goddesses are kind, compassionate, and love without judgment. They find light in darkness, growing and learning in every situation, encouraging those around them to do the same. Thank you for beautiful nights filled with love and pure energy.
— Tiziana
Surrounded by special, beautiful souls last night! A huge thank you to ZANTI Society and Nish for an incredible sound healing experience! It was an incredible evening! I loved it!!
— Ali
It was truly a beautiful and unique class! I really enjoyed the yoga and especially loved the sound healing and live music portion. Your voice is amazing Nish! I can’t wait to come back.
— Danielle
I can’t wait to join you again Nish! What a gift Thursday was! I LOVED the music you played. See you soon and thank you for sharing your gift and holding such decadent space.
— Michelle
Thanks again for another beautiful session last night. It’s always such a nice re-set for me. I want to do it more consistently. You are an incredible energy and beautiful soul, Nish.
— Bruno
Thank you, Nish! Such an amazing evening and a wonderful group. I LOVED being part of it. I want to join for the next one.
— Marguax
Nish, your Flow to the Beat and Sound Healing was such a wonderful experience last night! I have told 5 friends and they all want to come with me to the ZANTI Society classes some time. Can’t wait for the next one! : )
— Michelle
Nish, I love you and your beautiful studio, Last night I came and brought two friends to Flow to the Beat. Your yoga style is challenging and enjoyable. Then when we start to dance and the beautiful soundbath at the end... WOW. Just so peaceful! Thank you so much for the love you put into it. It is felt!
— Andres
ZANTI Society is amazing! Thank you for inviting us into your beautiful private studio for yoga and soundbath. I look forward to joining you again soon.
— Laura
Thank you so much for last night... that was AWESOME! I love the incredible studio space and the high vibes you are creating with ZANTI Society.
— Justin
I LOVED the soundbath. It was empowering and I honestly wish I could have that as a recording that I could put on before I go to bed every night (Is that possible?! You should do that!). I also loved the yoga because it was very free and I could dance without any shame while holding positions. I can’t wait for the next class that combines yoga and soundbath again.
— Lindsay
I had such an amazing journey at the ZANTI studio. It was such a pleasure meeting you Nish, and I can’t wait to come back and experience more. I would love to talk about a possible collaboration with yoga, breathwork, and deep spiritual healing. I want to come to the Goddess circle workshop this week!
— Amber