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Plants, Sound, and Ancient Wisdom with Aychele & Alexander Hill

An incredible opportunity to join Aychele and Alexander Hill for a beautifully-curated wellness event to experience the multiple benefits of meditation, aromatherapy and sound healing. 

Explore the pathways for harmonizing body, mind & soul using ancient methods such as self-massage, mindful movement, aromatic & edible plants, drumming, mantras & mudras. All of which are centered around achieving a deeply nourishing meditative state. 

We will offer Reiki and Vibrational Healing with Tuning forks and Tibetan & Crystal bowls.

Venmo @nishfoxyoga $40/pp prior or $55 cash at the door. No refunds.


About the facilitators

Aychele Hill has been radiating love for over 20 years as a healer, teacher and speaker. Her work includes therapeutic massage, osteopathy, dance, meditation, herbalism and shamanism. She currently guides events in Los Angeles and around the world. As the founder of the organic skin care line Manaòs Beauty, Aychele has been curating Amazonian plant beauty formulas & botanical perfumes for nearly 5 years.

Born and raised in Brazil, the exotic flora, fauna and indigenous cultures from the rainforest forest have always ignited her passion. Manaòs Beauty was born to inspire others to connect with Amazonian plants on a daily basis, to encourage authentic beauty, and to support the Amazonian communities & tribes that share their culture and ancestral wisdom.

Alexander Hill has been on a holistic path of well-being for many years, a calling that was initiated during his first plant medicine ceremony nearly 5 years ago. Beginning with the modality of sound healing in 2013, Alexander has created many experiences combining sound with complimentary plant traditions & rituals. He is a certied yoga instructor and health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Upon letting go of most of his material possessions to travel the world, Alexander was able to learn invaluable lessons in the forests of Costa Rica & Brazil. After meeting Aychele in Brazil, the couple moved to LA to launch Manaòs Beauty. Alexander is currently growing his coaching practice with mastermind groups for men and continues his work with Sound Healing in California.